Claro Sword & Morris Men

Plough Sunday

For many years now Claro has danced at St. John's Parish Church, Knaresborough, to celebrate Plough Sunday.
Traditionally the First Sunday of Epiphany the custom goes back to Victorian times and has seen something of a revival in recent years. There is an older observance of Plough Monday which was associated with the first working day after the twelve days of Christmas.

The Knaresborough Sword Dance

Performed in Knaresborough Parish Church, Plough Sunday 2010

Sorry about all the background noise. Our horse, Dobbin, is behind the camera and attracting more attention than the dance.

Some pictures from Plough Sunday 2001

Lining up in Knaresborough Market Place.
The photographer in the background is from the "Times"(of course).

In sub-zero temperatures the Squire addresses the crowd....

Outside Knaresborough Parish Church with the Plough and our President at the time, the late Dr Arnold Kellett, former Mayor of Knaresborough.