Choose the Best Cannabis Terpenes for You  

Nature is man’s all-natural healing garden. It has a lot to offer especially when it comes to natural healing. One of the wonder plants widely used for medical and recreational purposes is the plant cannabis. You may be familiar also with its street name Marijuana. This plant has often been misjudged due to the compounds it carries. Cannabis has both psychoactive and non-psychoactive properties. One of the non-psychoactive compounds found in cannabis are terpenes. Terpenes are present in types of flowers, herbs and plants.  

The aroma you experience when you use essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender oil, and other essentials oils to make you feel better are from the active compound terpene. Terpene is the organic compound responsible for their scent. Terpenes have medicinal value and among the types of products produced from cannabis, terpenes are one of the most popular types. If you are looking for an organic and natural remedy for some common ailments, you might want to try or choose these common cannabis terpenes for you:  


If you are looking for an organic alternative to aid your weight loss, then the cannabis terpene for you is Limonene. It has a citrus aroma which you will love. Aside from stimulating weight loss, Limonene is also good for bronchial infections and even treatment for cancer and prevention. Buy terpenes today and try out Limonene.  


You might be familiar with the term and its aroma is simply amazing. Eucalyptol has a soothing effect. Like the common products in the market, it has a spicy and cool essence which helps you relieve a headache, cough, clogged sinus and more. Eucalyptol is can also be in powder form, can be used as mouthwash and found in medicines.  


Terpineol is the best when you want to restore overall health. This kind of cannabis terpene work as an anti-oxidant and helps you flush out the toxins inside your body. You will definitely like its pine and clove taste, so if you want to have an organic detox, try Terpineol.  


Most of the time we turn to the pharmaceutical giants when we have the common ailments such as bacterial infections and inflammation. But, nature has its organic solution. Camphene is best used for bacterial infections and works as an anti-inflammatory agent. This is safe to use, since it’s all organic, no need to turn on harsh anti-biotics.  


Linalool is found not just in cannabis but other common plants. Lavender is the most common example where Linalool is present. Studies show that since Linalool can help neural function, it can also inhibit seizures. It modulates motor movement; hence, it can be one of the solutions for Parkinson’s or Tourette’s. Linalool is also good for inflammations and liver cancer treatment.  

Alpha Bisabolol  

This type of terpene can be used to cure wounds and work as an anti-bacterial agent. You can use Alpha Bisabolol whenever you have wounds and inflammation. It is a good addition to your organic first aid kit.  

Cannabis terpenes or any kind of terpenes are powerful. They can be infused with other compounds for more efficacy. But remember to use terpene responsibly. The key to achieving and using the power of alternative medicines like cannabis terpenes is knowledge. Get to know it more and learn how to use it properly.  

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